Phenomenal woman: Cheryl E. Leonard

My good friend Tanya, a phenomenal woman herself, wrote this beautiful article about sound artist Cheryl E. Leonard:

Tanya writes:

The sound of snow crunching under treading feet has a soothing quality. There’s nothing quite like the rhythm of little ice particles crushed by an eager boot. Concentrate on the sound for a long while, and eventually it becomes a small symphony of pressures, tones and pauses. Cheryl E. Leonard understands this. Recently, the San Francisco-based musician and naturalist received a grant from the National Science Foundation to go to Antarctica and develop musical compositions based on the natural elements and sounds of that cold, vast region.

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It should be mentioned that her article appears Coilhouse an awesome blog and print magazine produced by three fascinating ladies. See their posts on a woman gettting a mermaid tale, a feminist sci-fi writer, and the 25 Things About My Sexuality site.

Also, I am delighted by this list of topics they cover:

* cryptohistory and misanthropology
* abandoned structures + sprawling metropolises
* pre-apocalypse pleasure islands
* Genghis Khan’s bow and Hiro Protagonist’s sword
* Siamese twins, and other such nature’s curiosities
* otherworldly beauties with faces painted bright
* unreasonable footwear
* complicated hair
* technological body enhancement
* incredibly strange music
* flagrant futurism
* whalebone, absinthe & silk
* patricide girls
* body scaffolding
* dressing for war


If I ever disappear … look for me in the Carpathian Mountains

Because I can only hope some day to be such an awesome warrior woman.

These photos were taken by French photographer Guillaume Herbaut and originally posted on Oeil Public. Thanks to Dahlia Rideout on Divine Caroline for uncovering and my buddy James for pointing me to her post.

A group of about 150 women, calling themselves “Asgarda,” devote their lives to training in boxing and fighting with medieval weapons up in the Carpathian Mountains. Apparently, their hero is controversial Ukraine prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, an energy baroness-turned-reformer and leader in the Orange Revolution of 2004. At the very least, Tymoshenko seems like a force to reckon with, and I would say she also rocks some fierce Princess Leia braids, but that’s silly — surely Ukrainian women came up the ‘do way before George Lucas did.

From Herbaut’s photo essay on Asgarda:

Katerina Tarnouska (founder of Asgarda) looks at me in the eyes. She is a thirty-year-old blonde with a ponytail, wearing a white dress. “Time has come to get separated from the men.” She dreams of a walled world where women would live among themselves. A world like the one of the Amazon tribes.

Turns out the Amazons may have been women warrior tribes located in the Donesk area of eastern Ukraine. Rad!

See the photo essay here

Dahlia Rideout’s Divine Caroline post

Why I’m not into “He’s Just Not That Into You”

No, I’m not going to see “He’s Just Not That Into You,” as I’ve detested the concept and the book since it first came out. But I don’t need to. I’ve read enough to learn the whole plot of the movie. And I actually skimmed the book (there aren’t many words in it) when it was on the giveaway table at the San Francisco Chronicle.

What’s amazing, actually, is that comedian Greg Behrendt (and co-author Liz Tuccillo) have managed to make millions with a book based on a six-word phrase that is so self-explanatory a book could only be redundant. And it is! I think women read it just to go, “No, really, is that all you have to say?” Yes, it is!

[[EDIT: To be fair, I should note that Liz Tuccillo is the co-author of “He’s Just Not That Into You,” and I’m told she penned most of the book. But my tirade is directed at Behrendt because he’s always smarming about how he came up with the phrase when he was a “Sex and the City” consultant and posing as a relationship expert on TV.]]

(Seriously, are you going to listen to this guy?)

Here’s my problem with “He’s Just Not That Into You” — it’s a lie. It’s not just a lie; it’s a bald-face, hateful attack on single women — particularly those single women, like so many I know in urban centers, who’ve had a long chain of relationships that didn’t succeed or even really start.

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