A spontaneous outburst of belly love

Even the most skinny of women — those who have hit drinking age at least — usually have at least a tiny pouch of belly fat on their tummies. However, in our thin-obsessed age, these tiny pouches are conveniently carved off of images of models and actresses via Photoshop.

What would it be like to if we women, and men, all could collectively exhale, and let our soft potbellies hang out with pride?

This week, the Internet saw just that, a spontaneous outpouring of real belly pride, interspersed with belly love, on a message board devoted to the punk cabaret duo Dresden Dolls.

(Photo by Martyn Foster)

It seems Dolls vocalist and musician Amanda Palmer, after filming a video for her song “Leeds United” for her solo album “Who Killed Amanda Palmer,” got in a spat with record executives at who wanted to cut out any scenes that included her bare belly — which they deemed “too fat.”

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The beauty myth in medical supplies

If you add up all the time I’ve spent waiting in line at my local pharmacy, it would probably come out to hours and hours — days even. And waiting in line, it’s safe to say I’ve spent many hours pondered this box to the Seal-Tight cast protector.

What’s going on Seal-Tight? You’re selling a cast protector. Why are you putting a stereotypically sexy naked woman on your box?

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